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Hi! Happy Wednesday!

I've seen a couple people doing these posts and thought I'd jump in on the fun. So, here we go!!!

My name is Abbey and on the verge of turning Twenty-four which is crazy because I feel like I definitely just turned Twenty-three. I moved to Florida when I was about Five years old. I definitely miss those cold winters in Alabama but I have gotten used to this fickle Florida weather. Thank goodness I get to celebrate christmas this year in my home state!!

To start off with, academics was never my forte. After I graduated high school, I took basic classes going back and forth changing majors until this last year I finally decided to go to school for something I'm insanely passionate about. I signed up for esthetician school! It was a blast, I made great friends that I still talk too, and learned a lot. I graduated in August of this year. I got the job opportunity of a lifetime when my old manager put in a good word for me, and days later, I interviewed and got the job at a top salon and spa on the beach! I've currently been working as a front desk coordinator and training in esthetics for two and a half months now. I also have been working in the social media world for the salon since I've had a lot of success with my blog. Oh yeah... My BLOG! how could I forget? I started my blog on a whim one day after months and months of feeling lost and out of place. I decided to take the plunge, and it was worth it. It's been very important to me to stay true to myself through this journey and just write and share about what I love and what I am passionate about. I've also enjoyed creating content for a couple local businesses which has been so fun to do in my free time. Aside from my work, I love spending time with my friends, going out, seeing movies, taking pics, and just enjoying everyday life with them. I love being with my family and spending time with them. My mom and I like to go to Target and Homegoods together, bingewatch shows we've watched countless of times before, and of course coming home after work and watching General Hospital, which is what we've been doing since I was in Middle school. My brother is away most of the time because he attends Florida State University!! Super proud sister, although sad because he is my number one photographer who I'd choose over anyone to take my pics. He has such a talent for it. I miss him, but can't wait to see him for Thanksgiving. My dad, I call him my twin, well because we look just alike and have all of the same personality traits. We have the same sense of humor, he thinks he's funny and I think I'm funny. Haha. I've learned a lot of life and career advice from him. I feel like whenever he goes out of his way to tell me something, I really need to listen because he has seen life in ways I probably don't even realize yet at just Twenty-three years old. He won't give up on me ever, and when he takes the time out of his stressful work day to pay me a compliment or let me know he's proud of me, it means more than a lot. Also, every friday we do family dinner and then go home and watch movies, on the nights I don't go out with my friends! Haha. I've always loved fashion and clothes, maybe because thats my Mom's career. She has a degree in Fashion and merchandising. I love trying new styles and trying what works for me. I love the beauty world even more. I've been playing with makeup for what feels like forever. I'd watch all the youtube videos and use my mom's makeup until I had money to go out and buy my own. Now, I share all my beauty secrets and film my own beauty videos, which is my favorite thing to do, I even fit it in right before work, because sometimes it's hard to find the time. I try to fit in all the things I truly love into my life. One of those things being writing. I love writing, even considered a career in journalism because of it. The words just flow out of me sometimes. I like to write, and get things out. Its very therapeutic. You should see the notes in my phone. I think I have like almost 200 notes in my phone, that are all just thoughts or things I needed to vent about, or things I couldn't forget. Anyways, I've been very blessed. I've rebuilt my relationship with The Lord and have spent less time thinking about all the negative and more time on focusing on all of the positive. At the end of the night I give God the glory. I love doing the things I love and I am so thankful I get too.

Okay. Here's some of my favorites!!

Makeup: KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics, say what you want about The Kardashians but they make AHMAING makeup!!

Foundation: It Cosmetics Illumination Tinted Moisturizer

Hair: Bumble & Bumble and Kerasilk Color Shampoo and Conditioner

Fashion: I wear a lot of pieces from Gap and JCrew and a lot of H&M and some Forever 21

Movies: Sweet Home Alabama, All Pitch Perfect movies, The Choice

TV: One Tree Hill (Die Hard) , Gossip Girl, 90210, Nashville, The Voice, Grey's Anatomy

Jewelry: Summer & Rose, Uncommon James, Bump and Beads

Songs I currently love: Lennon Stella, Without Me by Halsey, Happy Now by Zedd, Lauren Daigle

Skincare: Image, Tula, Timeless Organics

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please subscribe on my About Me page and go follow my social medias! You guys are the best! See you next time.


Abbey Nicole

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