• Abbey Nicole

All My Fall Faves!!!

Hi you guys!! I know, I know I am on FALL OVERLOAD but I can't help it. This is my absolute favorite season besides winter of course!! But until then I am going to keep sharing everything I love about this season!!!

My favorite fall drink is.... Salted Caramel Mocha Frappe, I know you don't like Pumpkin spice Lattes? Actually, I do.. but... I found out a couple years ago that I'm allergic to something in the latte, idk what but i had two bad experiences when drinking it, my throat closed up both times, and I have never ever had it again. :(

My favorite fall wardrobe item is.... OMG this one is hard, but if i had to choose, I love bringing all my booties out to wear. I'm obsessed. & oversized patterned sweaters!!

My favorite places to shop for fall is.... Forever 21, Gap Outlet, ViciDolls, Seahorse Lane Boutique, Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Loft, Nasty Gal, & JCrew.

My favorite fall hobbies are.... blogging of course, going to fall inspired events like pumpkin patches, and fall parties, any fall event. Also, picking out pumpkins, I'd rater paint them, then carve them. I like, shopping for fall clothes!

My favorite fall food is.... snickerdoodle cookies, any sort of home coked meal, sweet corn, pork chops, green beans and cornbread or any sort of casserole!

My favorite fall book is.... Just Jessie by Jessie James Decker

My favorite music of the moment is.... Lauren Daigle, the best christian album that I can actually listen to on the way to work that makes me feel motivated and alive and hype.

My favorite jewelry of fall is.... Bump & Beads! They're so many stacks to incorporate into your fall outfit!

Thank you for reading! I love you guys. Don't forget to follow me on my social medias, and if you're interested in the boutique and jewelry I mentioned go follow, @shopseahorse & @bumpandbeads !! & mine is @abbnicolee


Abbey Nicole

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