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Back with Tuesday Talk

Hi! Happy Tuesday! Today has been a very busy but eventful day. I'm finally sitting down to deliver more realness to the blog!

I recently bought two books from Target the other day, which is so whack because I don't ever read. Although I am growing and changing everyday, and somehow I enjoy reading now and actually find a lot of peace in it. I bought Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis and I've only read the introduction and the first chapter but so far so so good! I already relate to it right off the back, I really love her vulnerability and honesty, because so many women can probably feel everything she is feeling and has felt. I know I do. It's hard when you get caught in the lies of other people or the lies that you, yourself have told yourself and they aren't even true. Everyone is waking up to start their day, some have it good and some are struggling, some have just lost a loved one or some just had a really bad day and feel like there is no tomorrow. No matter what's going on in your life, be kind and know that everyone is fighting a battle. Even the ones that are always happy and smiling also have things going on. I'll let you guys know the rest of my thoughts once I finish.

The next book I got from Target is called 100 days of thanks and I started to flip through it and felt like I really needed it. Theres a day of devotion for everyday and then there's a question for everyday, such as what are you grateful for, in which I replied "having a good and blessed day" because sometimes when you have a good day the whole twenty-four hours without any drama or bad things happening, it's definitely something to be thankful for. I plan on reading every devotion and answering every question. It'll be a great start to my day and a great way to connect with God on an everyday basis.

Thank you for reading!! Go check out those books at Target, they're a must and they were under $20.00!!

100 Days of Thanks & Girl, Wash your Face

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