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Hi, Happy Tuesday! Today I am going to share one of my new favorites, which is the Bumble & Bumble hair care line. I've been somewhat familiar with the line, but now that I work at a spa and salon who does sell it, I've become very familiar with it, and I have even taken a class from one of the reps on the thickening line that is huge now! I am going to share with you the products I've purchased that my hairdresser suggested I get, and so far I love them.

The first two products I wanted to try are from the Invisible Oil line, which is for dry and damaged hair. I really want more moisture and shine to my hair, and this, plus the conditioner will help me achieve that.

This is the Invisible Oil Heat UV Protective Primer, I put this on my hair and comb it through after I get out of the shower. This is to protect my already damaged hair from the curling iron and blow dryer. Who else blow dries their hair and curls and or straightens it every day like me? Yes that is a lot of heat but this can help. I never cared to use a heat protective primer before so I'm glad I am using one now. This is a spray, so you spray it in your hand and then apply throughout your hair, I also will spray extra on my ends.

The next thing I put in my hair after the primer is this Bb repair. It comes out like a creamy serum and I put it all throughout my hair and also comb through. Then I proceed to blow dry my hair.

Lastly, after I have blow dried and curled my hair, I will apply the Bb thickening Dry Spun Texture spray. I have gone through every single hair spray known to man, I've suffered through them all, BUT this did wonders, all kinds of magical things to my hair. I told my hairdresser I wanted volume and for my curls to stay throughout my day or night, I also had other coworkers refer this to me and I went home and curled my hair and sprayed this in and it looked AMAZING. It gave me the volume I wanted without the crunchy hairspray, and my hair stayed soft, also my curls stayed put all night, they never fell. PSA come get this spray it will change your life. NOT KIDDING.

Thank you guys for reading, I love sharing all my favorites with you, and if you're interested in trying out Bumble and Bumble then please come down to the salon and spa I work at called Studio Gabriel on the beach, in Vero Beach, Florida. I or another hairdresser can help assist you for whatever hair type you have. If you sadly don't live here then you can go online to Bumble and Bumble and order online, they have amazing videos to watch that will help you!! Have a great Tuesday!



Abbey Nicole

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