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Bump & Beads !!!

Hello everyone! I am back in full swing once again, I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I started a new job at Studio Gabriel on the beach and I've been going and going like crazy on top of everything else. I can't complain though, I love it. I've been asking God to keep the fire in me to stay motivated and keep working because I can admit, I'm human and I get exhausted and coffee just doesn't cut it sometimes.


I'm here to talk about a local business called Bump & Beads, ran by the beautiful and incredibly talented Julia Calahan. She's an on the go mom of twins and a hair stylist by day. She's got it all going on!! Anytime I get the oppurtunity to work with someone genuine with an amazing work ethic, I am 100% on board. & I get to wear stunning beads!! I'm in love! Her beads are officially live on Etsy, go download the app on your phone if you don't have it already or you can go to Etsy on your computer. She has so many stacks and necklaces to choose from, & SO MANY MORE TO COME SOON! Yes, Im excited! Fall colors to dress up your wardrobe. You can mix and match these, which is so cool, its all very versatile. You can also buy the whole stack or buy them individually. Keep reading below to see whats in store!!!

I love the long necklace tied with my red sweater, and the stack goes perfectly with my whole outfit, It gives the Fall look I love!!

Look at this Mama showing off the Tilly beads!! These are a must have and they're super popular! Go to ETSY NOW!! you need these.

I LOVE this combo. The good things about both of these, is that you can mix and match. Take some from the bottom to mix wit the top and you have the perfect pieces to wear with your outfit.

TILLY TILLY!!! I love the golds and silvers mixed together.

This is MY stack called the "Abbey" stack. I love the black and grey for fall too. They're easy to work with and they go with everything. If you want this, go check out Etsy or message Julia from her Bump & Beads page on insta or facebook to have her whip you something up!

HERES MY NEW FALL INSPIRED STACK!!! Julia is a queen and made me this customized stack. I love it and I can't wait to wear it, starting tomorrow! Maroon is my fave color, but especially during the season! If you want something like this, message Bump&Beads!!!

If you love purple, this stack is for you! My giveaway winner won this stack but if you entered my giveaway and really wanted this stack, go to Etsy or message Bump&Beads and ask for the purple stack!!!!

Thank you guys for reading, always! & being patient with my two week hiatus of sorts!! I'm back and can't wait to keep sharing with you guys! Bump & Beads is new and thriving and if you want the perfect stack for you, or you're looking for the perfect gift, these necklaces and bracelets are the best! Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook for more to come, and of course go make an order!


Abbey Nicole

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