• Abbey Nicole

Do you want the glow?

Happy Thursday! It feels so good to be back for this post today! I get so many questions about how my face is so glowy and how they can achieve the same look, and I'm here to tell you how!! All my secrets are down below! :)

The very first step I use every morning is the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie. It is a facial spray that you can spray before and after makeup. It feels refreshing and it smells amazing! I spray it before I put anything on my face!!

The next step is to put on my Timeless Organics Hydrating and Glow Serum. This company is amazing and their ingredients are completely organic and vegan free! I will also use my rose quartz facial roller over this serum to help penetrate the product better into my skin. By using my facial roller, I'm creating a natural glow by rolling up on my skin increasing my blood circulation that gives you that glow!

After that, I put on my Clinique 72 Hour Moisture Surge Moisturizer, its cold and feels great on the skin. It is an incredible formula that gives me the glow I desire for my everyday look.

To finish off, I use the Becca Backlighting Primer right before I put on my It Cosmetics CC Cream! It gives me the glowing look I love without looking sweaty or humid even when it is 100 degrees out. My makeup stays on all day and never sweats off.

I love these products and If you give them a try, I know you'll love them too! Thank you for reading! I'm going to link my products on my instagram story so head over there to check them out. Have great weekend!


Abbey Nicole

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