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Hair Care 2019

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Hi you guys! I’ve been absent as of late due to my crazy work schedule and of course the holidays but I am back and ready to create more and exciting content! I’ve gotten so many comments about my hair, so I’m going to share everything I do.

I go to two different stylists for my hair, one I’ve gone too for years and has never done me wrong. That is the key, my friends, find someone who you trust and will never disappoint you. It’s okay to take risks and try new things and everyone wants change but find some who can make that happen for you in the best possible way. My other stylist is someone I work with, and she has helped me with shine, and color and occasionally gives me an amazing blowout.

To start, I’ve been coloring my hair since I was nineteen, I’ve always wanted my hair to be darker. My dad and my brother have dark hair and even my mom did when she was my age. I wanted to fit in with the fam. Also, I always said celebrities, like Lucy Hale from pretty little liars in the first couple seasons who had gorgeous long dark brown hair, and I wanted to achieve that look, so I did. I’ve also done highlights, and went slightly purple toned at one point, but as of now I have very dark brown hair, and that’s where I feel most confortable.

Lesson #1 STOP box dying your hair, yes I’ve made that mistake a time or two.. it’s never worked out. Go to a professional, I promise it’ll be better and the results will last longer.

A couple months ago my hair stylist I’ve had for years took my hair from a natural brown color, to the dark brown I have now, it was a water color with warm tones. I’ve done the cooler tones before but it makes my hair look too black. So I stay with warmer colors. When I was introduced to my friend from work who’s a stylist, I learned about a service they do called “colorance“ which is a shine treatment for the hair but you can also add color to it to richen the color you already have. I’ve done that twice so far within 6 months and I’ve had amazing results. I believe the treatment is from “redken”.

If you are not from the Vero Beach area, go to the salon you go too or research another salon and see if they have a service like that. I go to Salon Vie Day Spa and Studio Gabriel where I work.

As for hair products, I’ve been introduced to Goldwell the kerasilk color line. I love the shampoo and conditioner and the treatment mask. You can also find on amazon!! I also use bumble and bumble products. The Heat UV spray from the invisible oil line, for after the shower and before I blow dry. Also, the thickening line for before I blow dry for extra volume. I also use BB repair at my ends for after I get out of the shower. My hair is dry and a bit damaged so the products really help me out!

Lastly, I just splurged, or my dad splurged on this Xmas gift for me... a T3 Micro 1.25 curling iron and it is amazing!! My curls are smooth and shiny and they hold very well. I do have to use hair sprays and such because my hair falls, but the curling iron itself is worth it!!!

Thank you for reading. I hope this post helps answer your question. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on my social media’s! Happy 2019!!!


Abbey Nicole

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