• Abbey Nicole

How I Deal With Stress & Anxiety & How I've Overcome It

I am not an expert on this topic nor would I try to be. This is simply my tips on how I've dealt with it, and what works for me. Just like many others in this world, I two, deal with the daily struggles that cause stress and anxiety. The days where you lay in your bed, thinking of every reason you should just stay in bed or how about waking up with so much anxiety that you feel no motivation or willpower to even start the day? Have you been there? Have you even slightly felt that kind of anxiety? I know they're some of you who are single mom's, or out there working three jobs, or dealing with something on top of something on top of something else and it never ends. Even on my very best days, I two can feel that stress and anxiety, its a weight on your shoulders, and I hope after reading this, the weight on your shoulders will feel a little bit lighter. Without going into too much detail, the year of 2017 was a tough one. I felt lost, a little lonely, and feeling a lot of stress mainly because I didn't know who I was or what I was put on this earth for. Many people's main question for God is, What is my purpose? Wow, that is a loaded question right? I've been asking that question, for what seems like an eternity. More times than none, the answer to your question is right in front of you. You probably think I'm crazy for saying that, or think that doesn't make sense. Trust me, I knew the whole time what my purpose is, but never opened my eyes to the idea of it, or the reality of it. After I realized why I am here and what my purpose is, a little bit of that stress and anxiety just vanished. Day after day, it all became a little less. I rebuilt my relationship with God, and I prayed and I never stopped praying. I prayed when I was happy, I prayed when I was sad, and I prayed because I believed in the power of prayer more than I have ever believed in anything. Happiness is only as far away as you're letting it be. It's not far away at all, unless you're pushing it away. Dealing with stress causes your mind to believe and think things that aren't at all true. You're happy because you choose to be. Happiness is a mood, a condition, a state of mind. You can be happy everyday and still have a challenging day, because It's life. Anything can happen, but having the ability to know that the challenge will pass and you will still be happy is your power, you will always win, everyday if you believe that. Another powerful tool that is underestimated is communication. Being able to communicate how you feel, to express it and then in turn understanding how you feel is you winning, once again. Once you know your emotion, you're already one step closer to lifting the weight off your shoulders. I would communicate my emotions through writing or talking to my best friends or talking with family, even if they don't understand the stress you feel, you're already healing by expressing it because you're aware of it. You know you can change it. Once I opened my eyes to what my purpose is, was religious in prayer and believing He would answer me, on top of choosing my happiness and using communication as a healthy tool, I started to feel that weight disappear, everyday it became lighter because I believed I would heal and I believed I was stronger than the stress and anxiety that was trying to haunt me and bring me down. This is not to say, I don't still feel anxiety somedays, because I do, but now I know how to deal with it, and how to overcome it. God will bring you peace, he will strengthen you, and he will show you how strong you are, if you listen, if you open your eyes and see, if you believe. Life is heavy and your thoughts are heavy, forgive yourself, and forgive others because it WILL benefit YOU. It will bring you closer to what you're wanting, because you have the power and tools to get exactly where you want to be.

Thank you for reading, I hope everyone can take one thing from this post that will help or benefit them. I get to do what I love, by writing and expressing and my only wish is that this can make you get to a point where you get to do what you love too. Don't forget to subscribe, if you liked this post! Have a good night, and good rest of your week!!


Abbey Nicole

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