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Let's Get Real.

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Welcome back! Today will be a little different, because I want to talk about expectations and goals. I've been thinking about these two things separately and then thinking about these two things as one. I feel as though having expectations for yourself or other people having expectations for you can lead to failure and or disappointment. Not only can you, yourself have outrageous and high expectations for you, but when other people do it causes you to doubt yourself and have trouble getting to where you want to be, because your mind is now being trained in a way to think that. I won't set expectations for myself, and I definitely will NOT allow other people to have expectations of me either, because it is unrealistic and it's unfair.

What we should be setting for ourselves is goals and or one goal. This way it is something positive that we can reach. There is no timecard or rush, no expectation. Let's be honest, WE ARE HUMAN. Sometimes, we fall short. Sometimes, we set a goal for today and we get home from work, or school and we are so tired. This is something important I think we should be talking about, because something as little as this can mess with our mental health. It can affect us in horrible ways, because we don't know the correct tools to setting a realistic goal and not making it an expectation. There are SO many times, I will go on my instagram, announce that a new blog post will be up and then by the time I get home to do it, I have no motivation to even start it. Hence, we need to be making realistic goals for us that we know we can reach. Instead of saying, I need to get this blog post up by 8PM tonight or else... I need to say, okay I have work until 6, and then I need to eat dinner but if I can't make it happen tonight then why don't I make a goal for myself that I can give myself 3 days and get 2 whole blog posts up! That way, I'm giving myself enough time, a realistic amount of time, and it gives me breathing room. One of my biggest challenges lately, is giving myself no time for myself. & I don't mean 15 minutes every morning to drink coffee, or the 10 min drive to work, I mean I need 2 hours tops, to myself to think, set goals for myself, and have time for me, for myself. That is the key.

I know a bunch of you will say or think, well it's impossible to take 2 hours, or I do this and this and this and I cant even set goals. Here's the thing, no matter what is going on in your everyday life, there is always at least one thing you can say no to in your life. You do NOT have to say yes to everything. You aren't Jim Carrey in the movie "Yes Man". "Anything is possible when you have God" whether you are religious or not, just know you have the power, you have the ability to set a time for yourself. A time to set goals, and a time to think and breathe and think about what comes next. Even if it's "oh next thursday I have an hour of free time, I'm going to take that time to set my goals, and have a glass of wine and just relax with myself."

To finish this off, remember make the positive and uplifting choices in life. Live a life you're proud of, that makes you happy. Stop having expectations for yourself or anyone. Make those realistic goals and go for them. You got this. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself, and Trust God. He will not give you more than you can handle. So, if you're riding a hurricane right now, that means he believes you are strong enough to get through it, believe in that.

Thank you guys so much. I love being able to do what I love. I fall short too but I always get back up and keep trying. Thank you for reading!


Abbey Nicole

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