• Abbey Nicole

My Journey Through Esthetician School

My decision to go to Esthetician school was definitely an easy one. Although it did take me a while to find my passion and to pursue my dream, everything certainly fell into place at the exact right timing. I've always had an extreme love and appreciation for taking care of my skin and doing whatever it took to have glowing and clear skin. The course I took was the 260 hour program at Indian River State College at the main campus in Ft. Pierce, Florida. This program in particular was a very fast pace program, especially because I did it during the summer. The first month and a half is strictly all book work, going over topics such as anatomy, chemistry, electrology, ingredients, and the general topics of esthetics including business. I had a test every Monday for the month of May, which is when I started. The tests can be challenging, which is why studying is a must, every single week. You have to decide if not having a life for three months is worth it to you. Is this really your dream career? Will this really make you happy? If you're saying yes, then take the plunge and go for it. The beginning of the second month, which was June, is when we started taking clients. You're going to be performing treatments such as, facials, chemical peels, waxing, microdermabrasion, lash and brow tinting. You get to have a lot of hands on experience and it is very eye opening and exciting. You also will be working on each other most of the time as well. You get to work with several different skin types and analyze each other which is so fun and the best learning experience. Also, the cost for my program was $900, not including books and scrubs that you'll need. You will also receive your very own kit that includes Dermalogica products, tweezers, an extractor, and scissors. You can use your Dermalogica products at home to practice on family and friends, so take full advantage of that. Lastly, if you're serious about a career in skincare, then definitely go to school and get your license. It's work but it is much fun and the friends you meet will last a lifetime. I enjoyed the whole process entirely and I couldn't be happier now that I'm officially a Licensed Esthetician. Thank you all for being a part of the ride through my journey. I hope you loved all of my videos on my insta story and my posts about school. Thank you to everyone who came in and got treatments done, you guys are the real MVP's!!! My journey is simply just beginning and I can't wait to see what's next!

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Abbey Nicole

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