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New Year’s Resolutions 2019

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Happy January 3rd! & Happy 2019! Here’s the thing we always say we want to make resolutions or we try too and we flake. Yes, I’ve done the same. Instead of just thinking of one resolution, why not think of several that you can try to accomplish, and you have 365 days to get it done, or now 362 or whatever the math is (laughing in my head right now.) Write them down, type them out, put them in your notes, hang them on your mirror. Make it visible to you everyday so you’re able to see them and youll want to accomplish them. Keep reading to see all of my resolutions for the new year!!

New Year‘s Resolutions!!

#1 Take more pictures, document more of my life, be creative with the camera.

#2 Come up and create something that is mine, own something that is mine.

#3 Go through my closet weekly and get rid of clothes that I know I won’t wear, or strictly just need to get rid of. At least 5 things at a time.

#4 Stop buying things unless I’m over 110% sure I will wear it and or use it.

#5 Find a way to exercise. Stretching, weights, walks and runs, exercise videos, yoga.

#6 More quality time with friends and family. More movie nights and being creative with other things other than just going out, or getting dinner.

#7 Do things I love, that make me happy, that bring me joy.

#8 Keep educating myself on my career and trying new techniques when it comes to esthetics and makeup artistry.

#9 Read more books.

#10 Focus on my blog and YouTube and creating the best content I can.

Thank you for reading! I hope I can inspire you to make your resolutions and complete them. Happy 2019! Enjoy your year! Don’t forget to subscribe, and follow my social medias! Visit my home page and my about me page!


Abbey Nicole

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