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Self Care Favorites

Happy Wednesday! Today is the day I'm going to be talking about all of my favorite self care products. The products that work wonders and make your skin feel good and look good. Self care is one of the most important things. We need to be taking care of ourselves and our skin. I always say, glowing skin is always in, and it is so true. Keep reading to see all of my favorites!!

I've learned of a lot of products through being a Fab Fit Fun member, and I came across this brand last month and It's amazing. It's hydrating and collagen boosting. It's all natural, and I use the body gel in the shower, and the body butter when I get out of the shower. MY body has never been more smooth or hydrated.

Timeless Organics is my favorite self care product!! I use this mask 2-3 times a week. It leaves my face feeling extremely hydrated, and clean and glowing. This is my favorite product I've ever used on my face. I love it.

I use this serum on my face everyday. It's so crucial to be using a vitamin C in your skincare routine. Its brightening and it's an antioxidant, it evens out skin tone and helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

I found out about Tula from being a member of Fab Fit Fun. This is a serum I use throughout the week, but not everyday. Just on those days where my skin is feeling more dehydrated and I want more moisture in my skin. It's so soft and feels fantastic on my skin.

This is my favorite exfoliator. This is essential for the skin. You have to remove the dead skin cells. This is a high strength professional grade exfoliator, so it's important not to over exfoliate, especially on dry skin types. Two times a week at most when it comes to this product.

Under eye patches are my favorite in the morning, while I'm drinking my coffee. I'd recommend for anyone who deals with those annoying under eye bags, or discoloration. I love them!

I love using my rose quartz roller!! I use it with both serums that I've listed above. I'll be doing a separate post on how to use the roller and how to clean it. Stay tuned!

I'll be back to talk about more NEW products when I get my next Fab Fit Fun box in September. I'll also be doing a viewing when I receive it! I hope you enjoy these products, and thank you for reading! If you liked this post, go subscribe on my About Me page!


Abbey Nicole  

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