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Trendy Fun Fall Sweaters

Happy Happy Thursday! I love when the seasons change, and we get to change up our wardrobe. Although, I am aware I live in Florida and it is hot a lot, I still like to try to wear my fall clothes, especially at night when we start to get a breeze. I do travel quite a bit during the holidays though, so I have an excuse to buy more fall clothing! I know not all of my followers live in Florida though, so for anyone who is reading this post, keep reading!!!

This sweater is from Madewell, everything there is a bit pricey, but most stores now have came out with something called "after pay" where you can pay in four installments. It's amazing! This sweater is $88.00.

This sweater is cute and different and it's on sale! $54.99.

This sweater is from Nordstrom and it comes in two other colors!! I love it!! $69.50. I really like the pockets.

Leopard!!!! I love it. I need it.

I love the detail on this sweater & its a great price! Shein! $15.00. Comes in almost ten other colors!! Pay attention to discount codes for this website, there is always a discount.

I love the trim on this sweater! I own this in red, but I love the white as well. $27.00. Also, Shein.

I love this maroon sweater because its casual and comfy but still totally fall!

I'll post more Fall clothing soon! These are just some of my favorite sweaters for now, but there will be more in the next coming months! Stay Tuned!! Enjoy your week, and don't forget to subscribe!


Abbey Nicole

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