• Abbey Nicole

Who Am I & What Do I Stand For?

It's 10:00 at night and for some reason I am being called to write this. For quite some time I never knew what it mean't to be called to do something, or what being called even means. 1 Corinthians 1:27-29 "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called." This is one of my favorite bible verses, reason being because it challenged me the first time I read it. It caused me to have to think and then rethink about what it meant, or even what it meant to me. If you want to know my opinion, I think nobody is exactly qualified, and if you think you are, maybe thats the problem. We can be qualified though, by his love, by his peace, by walking in his path. Maybe then, is when he calls us. Maybe then is when we get to feel powerful for the very first time. We feel rich in ourselves, we feel mighty to save, we feel faith that we will see tomorrow. When I have a feeling, I go with it. When I feel "called" to do something, I do it because I know He approves, He understands and He is proud. So, the question goes, Who am I? If you would have asked me this question a year ago, I probably would have had a confused face with no answer. If you ask me now, I'd say I am a strong woman who fights for what she wants and even if I don't get it, I go home and I praise God anyways. I'm strong enough to know that If what I really want doesn't happen, there's a reason. It's either the wrong timing or God has something far more extraordinary planned for me. Who am I? I'm determined to be creative, inspiring, driven, balanced and most of all challenged. I want to be challenged everyday. I want to learn, and I want to know more about myself for as long as God lets me breathe another breath. I am who I am because of who God is. I've walked a troubled and hard road, and because of his grace I've overcome every hardship and obstacle. A year ago, I felt powerless and weak. I hit rock bottom, and within rebuilding my relationship with God this year, I feel present and alive. I am a Twenty-Three year old woman who dreams and believes I have the ability make all of my dreams come true. I believe in beauty and art and passion and expressing myself through everything I love. All it takes is a little courage to get where you wanna go, and be who you wanna be. What do I stand for? First and foremost, I stand for the Lord. I stand for my family, who support me and love me and sticks up for me. I stand for my friends, who to me are my family. My friends make me better, they pick me up when I'm down and they celebrate me when I'm happy and accomplished and when my dreams come true. I stand to be honorable and humble and kind. This post isn't to say I have it all together or I know everything, because I don't. I'm learning beside everyone else, everyday. I just love being able to share how I feel and what I've learned so that maybe my words can help someone else in the process. I know there's a lot of hate in the world, but I write because I want to send more love into the universe, what you send into the universe will come back to you. So, I continue to send more love, and kindness and gratitude.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this inspires you to create some goals or rebuild your relationship with God, or even just send good things into the universe. Just watch, they'll come back to you. Have a great week, and thank you for your constant support of reading every week!!


Abbey Nicole

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